The Dynamic Duo

Who Are We?

Fit Escapes was born from a passion for travel, adventure, and holistic wellness, shared between two of Toronto's top fitness leaders: Karina and Cassie.

Cofounder & Trainer

Karina V

Karina’s positive attitude and supportive energy is truly addictive. A certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and sports nutritionist, she has all the answers and expertise you could ever need. Karina pushes you beyond your limit, but always with a smile and words of encouragement, making it easy to stay motivated, see results and have fun.

Cofounder & Trainer

Cassie Day

Cassie comes armed as a certified personal trainer, holistic nutritionist and kickboxing and bootcamp instructor. Her engaging energy and supportive nature will instantly make you feel at ease, and her support will keep you motivated to always keep pushing.